Natural GLOWY AF Makeup

Hello my darlings,

I’m on a role with YouTube videos at the moments. Yesterday I uploaded a ‘Natural Bronze Glow Makeup For Everday‘ which is a get ready with me style tutorial. I’ve been loving getting back into the routine of creating content for my beloved YouTube Channel!

This was a makeup look I did for a nightout. I’d usually go for full coverage foundation and false eyelashes to be that little bit extra, however I wanted to try something different, and go more natural but GLOWY AF.

Hopefully you all love this makeup look as much as I did. Let me know what you think of it!





Hello everyone,

So I have returned again with a HUGE High-End Makeup Haul! I hadn’t bought any makeup in a very long time and thought I’d splurge on my most wanted beauty products!  As it was pay day and in attempts to fight off the end of the January blues (after living like a complete peasant for the whole month) I decided to treat myself hard. This ranges from Mac Cosmetics and Urban Decay to Liz Earl.

Let me know what you all think, so pleased I’m back on a role with posting content!



Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

After 3 years of procrastination I have decided to start posting to YouTube… again! EEEEEKKKKKKKKK!

I decided to begin, I’d do a simple, ‘Get Ready With Me-  For A Night Out‘ just to get back into the swing of things! My videos will consist of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, vlogs, and all that other jazz.

here it is…

I was so nervous to post my first video again after so long of being absent. Not knowing if my audience were still active, or if they would still like my videos. However the feedback I have received has been so positive and I’m very excited for the future with YouTube!

It was always something I enjoyed immensely and I love being creative with my videoing and editing. It is so rewarding to have people watch my home-made content  and enjoy it.

Let me know what you think of the video and other video requests would be much appreciated.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and continuous support!



Secrets To A Fabulous Friday

Ahhh Friday…

The end is near, as soon as the clock hits 5pm I’m free to enjoy the weekend.

That Friday feeling hits as soon as I wake up, and the working day ahead doesn’t seem as daunting as I remind myself its the last day before I can let loose on the weekend. By that,  I mean, have the freedom to do whatever I want without having to think about the consequences of going into work the day after. Here are my top tips to having a Fab U Lous Friday (and weekend) as in my eyes the weekend should commence Friday evening rather than waiting for Saturday morning to roll around.

The easiest thing to do on a Friday evening is to get home, run yourself a bubble bath, and have a lovely relax, winding down from the long week. Either with a cuppa or a glass of wine (or two). However sometimes you’ll want to make the most of your Friday evening whether its letting your hair down and going out for drinks, or going to the cinema with lots of snacks. The choice is yours.

As I go to the gym after work during the week, I tend not to go on a Friday night just to give myself a break and to make it really feel like the weekend! I like to plan my weekend so I know exactly what I’m doing, and can cram as much into my days off as possible.

Plan! Plan! Plan! Even if its meeting up with friends for a coffee or going shopping. Having a planned weekend means you can make the most of your time, and aren’t sitting at home binge watching Netflix waiting for Monday again. (Unless that’s what you want to do of course).

As I’m writing this, I’m currently thinking about all the things I am doing, or want to do this coming weekend. For example, tonight I’ll most likely go to the pub with my family for a few drinks and a natter. It’s an excuse to put some makeup on, some fancy clothes and catch up on our week. I’ll get home, slap some makeup on and head to the local pub. (I wont be drinking as I’m saving myself for Saturday night). It’s always nice to spend time with my family, especially after a busy week of dodging each other out the door. I’ll get in from the pub, shower, fake tan, cook a healthy dinner and make sure I have everything in order for Saturday. I’m wanting to film, so I’ll make sure all my cameras are charged and my room is tidy before having a good stretch and heading to bed.

If I don’t go out on Friday night it is a time to just relax and spend time with family and friends. Whether is is going to the pub or going into town for a meal. Saturday is when the real fun begins! I’ll try to get up early, I plan on vlogging so I’ll film bits and bobs through out the day. I’ll have my breakfast and head to the gym. I much prefer working out in the morning because it sets me up for the day, and gets the session out of the way early on. I also want to head into town to do a little shopping, so after the gym I’ll shower, have some post-work out food etc… then I’ll head into town to do some shopping before getting ready for my night out. If any of my friends are free I’ll meet up with them for lunch or a coffee! I’m out for my friends 21st birthday on the nighttime, going for a meal then cocktails. I’ll get ready and then head out the door once more. I always try to keep busy and active on a Saturday as its my proper full day off work with no need to worry about Sundays.

After this I’ll probably roll back in the house in the early hours of Sunday morning. Wake up feeling not so great, and either drag myself out for brunch, or cook up a storm to ease the hangover. My mam is extremely kind to me when I’m hungover and we’ll probably have our Sunday morning sausage sandwiches. I’ll either meet up with some friends or go for a walk with my family. We usually go to the Quayside or the beach to clear the cobwebs and get moving! I hate lying around the house when I’m hungover and I feel so much better if I do something active. I’ll edit my videos for the week, and schedule uploads. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’ll go to the gym in the evening so I can wake up Monday as fresh as a daisy for the week ahead.

A Friday Well Spend Brings A Weekend Of Content...



In with the new.


I seem to be running with the daily posts at the minute and I just wanted to share a little college with you. You may or may not know but I’m currently working in Digital Marketing. To put my profession into my own practice I want to start making YouTube videos again. With it being a huge passion of mine when I was younger, there was nothing more I loved to do then get creative with my camera and editing.

Since starting my job some little spark has been reignited, I always knew it was still there but now it is literally burning up inside and its staring to bubble over. Like I literally cannot stop thinking of video ideas and doing loads of content research to make sure what ever content I end up creating is well thought out and unique.

I made this little thumbnail…


To focus on branding and colour schemes, and this is how I’l like my videos and content to look. Take this as a little mood board…

Very clean looking, lots of white and flat tones. But of course still incorporating some colour. I’m wanting to totally rebrand my channel. Since I haven’t uploaded in over 2 years I’d like to think I’m a bit more mature and obviously my target audience is going to change with the content and nature of my videos.

I want this to be a fresh start but still able to rekindle my audience and grow with my channel.  I’m so excited for the plans I have ahead!

Let me know what you think in the comments!



Lifestyle Changes for Overall Well-Being

Good morning!

Today I thought I’d write a blog post on the I’ve changes I have made to my lifestyle on a daily basis which have improved my overall well-being from last year to now!

From graduating University last year (July 2017) my lifestyle has completely changed. This was due to having a lot more spare time to focus on myself. I no longer had stresses of assignments and dissertation deadlines looming over me. The world was literally in my hands.

Being a University student, especially in the North East of England, the party culture is rife! Going out on the lash sometimes 4 times a week, binge drinking heavy, no interest in eating anything remotely healthy (I would happily eat hungover pizza for breakfast), and the only physical activity I had was working my part time job. Once graduating I was at a bit of  a loose end. You can only party for so long with no responsibilities until you realise that there is actually more to life than the smoking area of a nightclub.

I had always enjoyed going to the gym, but I was never fully committed, and would only drag myself there if I was going on holiday few weeks later, which required me fitting into a bikini. This would never work well, as soon as I landed, I would be filled with endless amounts of tapas and wine. With only going to the gym a few weeks prior and probably panic starving, the weight that I had managed to shift would be straight back, with revenge.

This is when I decided I needed to fully commit to a healthy and active lifestyle so I could stop the cycle of going to the gym for a few weeks, then thinking fuck it and going in the complete opposite direction. With a holiday booked to Ibiza in September I knew I wanted to look and feel my best! I started going to the gym 4-5 times a week, and working 5 days a week part-time which required me to constantly be on my feet (usually running around like a headless chicken). With being consciously more active, I was inclined to eating healthy foods (no point in going to the gym, then eating my body weight in snickers right?). I ranked up my protein intake with choc protein shakes WHICH I LOVE and overall felt amazing. I felt so much stronger and no longer craved bad foods when I started to see such positive changes in my body.

Of course I’d still go out on weekends and enjoy all the cocktails and food, but I found that looking after myself from the inside out was so important and rewarding! ‘All in moderation’.

Now I’m working a 9-5 office job. Obviously it is a lot harder to stay active throughout the day. However, I’m making sure I walk places, rather than take the car. I still gym about 3-4 times a week, drink around 4l of water a day, and prep my meals throughout the week. This helps me stay on track with my diet and routine, whether its having my daily banana and greek yogurt with choc protein powder for breakfast, or taking a packed lunch to work, filled with spicy tuna, brown rice and broccoli.

Do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy! It is always a conscious decision to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. To some it will come more naturally than to others, and comes with a lot of trial and error. Always remember to take time for yourself, whether it is going to the gym , reading a book, and a cuppa while watching Netflix. It takes time and effort but it is so worth it!





Setting goals for 2018!

Hello again!

So… I’ve been thinking recently about the things I’d like to achieve. Not only this year but in the future. Lets call it a little ‘to-do’ list.

I achieved so much last year from graduating University and starting my full-time job. However I feel that University took a lot away from me (apart from the crippling debt) but also my passion and enjoyment for creating my own content and finding the joy and peace in little things.

I partied waayyy too much and lost track of things that actually mattered to me. I was more bothered about how I appeared rather than how I actually was. As long as I looked good to other people that’s all that mattered right?

I stopped making YouTube videos, something that I enjoyed immensely. Mainly because I spent the spare time I had binge watching Netflix while nursing a hangover. I was very unproductive in my own growth and would write my uni assignments in between bottles of wine.  Generally just became lazy. Had no interests or hobbies.

Never-the-less I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself. I was obviously having the time of my life. Especially living the student lifestyle throughout my years at Uni. In 2017 I changed my lifestyle, worked out more, and was a lot more conscious of my overall well-being. However, there is still lots of things I’d like to achieve in the upcoming years! Now that I’ve settled down (a little bit) and in attempt to grow up, I’m going to have a few goals on which I’d like to work on in 2018 in hopes to spark my creative side again and to have a focus.  Because having a focus is good!

  1.  Start making YouTube videos again! With new and fresh content that I really enjoy creating.
  2. Go out for brunch more (because brunch is tasty)
  3. Walk more -as I’m now in an office job its important to keep moving!
  4. Try something new at the gym every week 
  5. Don’t go out partying EVERY weekend and find other activities to do instead.
  6. Try not to get white girl wasted every time I drink (drink responsibly haha)
  7. Be more spontaneous and open 
  8. Make more effort to see my friends
  9. Priorities well
  10. Don’t be afraid to be 100% yourself.


These are my goals for 2018, what are yours?